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Common IT Support Issues for SMEs and How ITSD Solves Them

Common IT support issues are solved from our Weybridge, Surrey, and London offices. ITSD provides IT support and managed IT support to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

Our IT services are not just for Surrey and the capital, we support organisations across the whole of the United Kingdom, with IT support teams in the Republic of Ireland, Belgium, Italy, and Sweden. Beyond that we provide IT support services for clients and their systems in Poland plus Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Wherever businesses are located, they can suffer common IT support issues and this is how ITSD overcomes those issues:

Limited IT Resources

One of the most common issues businesses of all sizes can suffer from is a lack of IT resources. Many businesses are too small to afford their own dedicated IT resource, and often, even if they could, there’s not always a continuous demand for IT support.

This is where ITSD provides different levels of managed IT support that dovetail into your business. Our IT support teams are there when you have no internal resource and support your existing team where they need extra assistance.

Our experts can manage the day-to-day running of your IT function, providing help with infrastructure to maintenance, updates and security.

IT Security Support

Small and medium-sized businesses may already have an IT function but having dedicated and specialist security support may be beyond their day-to-day capabilities. With the world becoming evermore dangerous, having a cybersecurity option is often beyond many SMEs’ means.

Once again, ITSD has the experience and the expertise to provide dedicated IT security services for organisations, providing and maintaining everything from firewalls to antivirus protection, cybersecurity to helping your team become Cyber Essentials certified – our team can help you defend against cybercriminals and support you all the way.

Backup and Recovery

What does your business do to mitigate risk? Do you back up your systems and data, and can you recover from anything from a power cut, to a systems crash, to a cyber security breach?

Whichever scenario your organisation needs support with, ITSD has the expertise to provide servers and storage with seamless, integrated backup and recovery systems. We can monitor your systems, providing proactive IT support, often recovering your IT systems and data before you’ve even realised there was an issue.

Hardware and Software Support & Upgrades

Without in-house knowledge, managing your hardware systems and all the software associated with it, can be costly and time-consuming, not to mention the fact that there is so much to understand with compatibility, integration, etc.

ITSD’s manged IT support contracts can cover all your hardware, allowing us to provide turnkey or bespoke solutions, depending on your firm’s requirements. With ITSD on your side, your systems can function seamlessly with proactive IT monitoring, support and upgrades.

Technical Expertise

For all the aforementioned issues, at the heart of it all is the potential lack of technical expertise at your business. Even a small IT department may lack specific skillsets, such as networking, or essential modern cybersecurity skills.

This is precisely where ITSD provide you the expertise you require, with our team of professionals covering every aspect of the IT support spectrum. Whatever IT-related issues you may encounter, there is always an IT expert on hand to cover whichever aspect you need resolution with.

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