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Protecting your company’s data

IT security is one area that gets continually more important to business and individuals alike. We all know how many scam emails and calls we get. It’s a serious and growing problem and is unlikely to get less so in the years to come. For many businesses, IT security has become the number one concern due to the huge negative impact on practically every element of the function of the business from any breaches of security.

No matter what business you’re in, ensuring that your company’s data, accounts, and intellectual property are protected from prying eyes is an essential requirement. Incidents of hacking and data theft seem to be an almost daily occurrence and even the biggest businesses, with sophisticated security software, have encountered problems.

IT security solutions

Improve Your IT & cybersecurity

The IT security landscape, and the nature of threats to your business are constantly changing. We take a holistic view of security to ensure every device, every location and every piece of content is fully secure. The education of employees to understand day to day security risks is also a very important part of ensuring that the business is kept secure.

You may think that as a smaller business you’re unlikely to be a target, but evidence shows that any business can be the victim of some form of IT security breach.

IT security solutions

At ITSD, we take a comprehensive “PMM” approach to internet security, based around the 3 “PMM” core strands:

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We work with you and your team to ensure every access point, device and software platform across your business is made resilient to attack. We use industry leading firewalls, employ enterprise-level best practice and a certain amount of common sense to ensure that your extended network is as impervious as possible to attack.

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Security threats are both diverse and increasingly complex in nature, and with malicious code adapting on an almost daily basis, monitoring your system for potential breaches is a key part of maintaining your security. No longer can businesses simply set up a firewall and forget about it.

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It’s a sad fact that despite the best technology, breaches still happen. But the impact that those breaches have can vary enormously. Swift and accurate detection can restrict the amount of access a malicious programme or individual can obtain, and prevent potentially business-threatening damage from occurring.

IT infrastructure in London & the South

IT network management services

From our HQ based in Surrey, ITSD provide invaluable business IT support to organisations in London and South East England. However, we work with firms wherever they are in the UK, supporting your existing IT department or providing fully-outsourced, world-class IT services.

International IT infrastructure

European IT support services

ITSD’s reach goes beyond the UK. We have teams in Belgium, the Republic of Ireland, Italy and Sweden. We also have clients that rely on us for IT support to their teams and their technology in over 10 other countries across Europe, from as far East as Lublin in Eastern Poland, to as far south as Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our international clients receive the same high-quality service no matter where they’re located.


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Valued by CEOs and IT managers as trusted partners, we provide enterprise-level IT expertise to businesses of all sizes.

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Valued by CEOs and IT managers as trusted partners, we provide enterprise-level IT expertise to businesses of all sizes.

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Whether your business has an immediate IT issue that needs fixing, has high-level individuals in the UK who require VIP support, or simply has a requirement for ongoing technical expertise.

IT support international

Our capabilities reach far beyond the UK. With international offices in Belgium, Italy, the Republic of Ireland, and Sweden, we provide the same high quality on-site and remote support to clients in over 10 European countries.

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Valued by CEOs and IT managers as trusted partners,
we provide enterprise-level IT expertise to businesses of all sizes.

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