Network monitoring & management

Whether as part of a connectivity service or separately, we provide and support both LAN and WAN equipment and ensure that it is optimised to support the business processes, data and software running over it to ensure your business is operating at 100% functionality.

IT networking

Network infrastructure & Services

Effective IT networking is basically maximising the ability for all the elements of your business to communicate with each other whether through the LAN or WAN elements. In the same way that it is vital for various employees to communicate with each other on a regular basis, your IT networking needs to be able to communicate fluidly and effectively on a continuous basis.

Our client base ranges from businesses requiring a relatively simple wireless network to multinational organisations who have networks that must adhere to the highest corporate policies and link seamlessly with their global infrastructure.

The scale of the work required with each client does not alter our approach or commitment to best practice. We listen to the client’s requirements, understand the stated and underlying needs, assess existing hardware and then design a networking infrastructure that meets the full requirements.

Tech Support
Switching and routing

Switching and routing

Network traffic management

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HP Networking.
Juniper Networks.
IBM Networking.

We have an in depth knowledge and experience of all main routing and switching providers (Cisco, HP, Juniper IBM and more). We are able to manage any equipment already in place and will provide unbiased guidance on the right technology for your business needs.

Network monitoring

Network management services

If you want to know what is going on inside any system, whether it be the human body, a car engine or your IT network, monitoring how the various elements are working together is vital.
Monitoring is an essential part of making sure your IT infrastructure continues to perform at its best. ITSD deploy and actively manage network monitoring to detect and prevent outages, monitor availability, capacity and identify potential bottlenecks or future issues.

Maintenance IT

IT infrastructure in London & the South

IT network management services

From our HQ based in Surrey, ITSD provide invaluable business IT support to organisations in London and South East England. However, we work with firms wherever they are in the UK, supporting your existing IT department or providing fully-outsourced, world-class IT services.

International IT infrastructure

European IT support services

ITSD’s reach goes beyond the UK. We have teams in Belgium, the Republic of Ireland, Italy and Sweden. We also have clients that rely on us for IT support to their teams and their technology in over 10 other countries across Europe, from as far East as Lublin in Eastern Poland, to as far south as Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our international clients receive the same high-quality service no matter where they’re located.


Our accreditations

Valued by CEOs and IT managers as trusted partners, we provide enterprise-level IT expertise to businesses of all sizes.

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Valued by CEOs and IT managers as trusted partners,
we provide enterprise-level IT expertise to businesses of all sizes.

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Why choose ITSD?

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Valued by CEOs and IT managers as trusted partners, we provide enterprise-level IT expertise to businesses of all sizes.

IT support central

Whether your business has an immediate IT issue that needs fixing, has high-level individuals in the UK who require VIP support, or simply has a requirement for ongoing technical expertise.

IT support international

Our capabilities reach far beyond the UK. With international offices in Belgium, Italy, the Republic of Ireland, and Sweden, we provide the same high quality on-site and remote support to clients in over 10 European countries.