IT solutions

IT solutions

Identifying opportunities for improvement

We can all agree that “IT solutions” is an overused term in business. However, at ITSD, we understand that our clients recognise the constantly changing business environment, and we continuously offer IT solutions to deliver the future now! Adding functionality, upgrading to new programs, or simply using what you already have in place more effectively can transform your ability to meet your growth objectives and improve your staff’s efficiency. ITSD helps businesses identify opportunities for improvement and works with them to achieve those improvements.

ITSD specialise in 5 areas of IT solutions:

Unified communications

Integrated business comms

The favored modes of communication are constantly evolving, not always in ways we expect. The nature of business communication has evolved to include email, text, instant messaging, Skype for Business, and Presence. As a result, combined platforms, or unified communications, are a practical and cost-effective choice for many growing businesses.
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IT HelpDesk


Enabling hybrid working

The workplace was changing even before Covid-19. However, hybrid and remote working are now the norm in many places. Today’s employee expects to be able to work from another office, from home, or even from the train with as much ease as they do at their desks.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft accredited partner

We’ve helped a number of clients make the transition and start reaping the benefits of Office 365, and as Microsoft accredited partners we have all the skills, contacts and experience to ensure the move is as smooth as possible for users and system admins alike.

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IT HelpDesk

Print management

Manage your business print

Managing your own print infrastructure and processes can be both costly, frustrating and time-consuming. Print can be one of the biggest business expenses.

We work with clients to understand their print management needs, identify areas of wastage and opportunities for improvement and then optimise print infrastructure and processes to minimise wasteful printing, save ink and paper, and reduce maintenance downtime.


IT security services

Security is one area that gets continually more important to business and individuals alike. We all know how many scam emails and calls we get. It’s a serious and growing problem.

No matter what business you’re in, ensuring that your company’s data, its accounts and its intellectual property is protected from prying eyes is an essential requirement. Incidents of hacking and data theft seem to be an almost daily occurrence and even the biggest businesses, with sophisticated security software have encountered problems.

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Our accreditations

Valued by CEOs and IT managers as trusted partners, we provide enterprise-level IT expertise to businesses of all sizes.

Why choose ITSD?

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Valued by CEOs and IT managers as trusted partners, we provide enterprise-level IT expertise to businesses of all sizes.

IT support central

Whether your business has an immediate IT issue that needs fixing, has high-level individuals in the UK who require VIP support, or simply has a requirement for ongoing technical expertise.

IT support international

Our capabilities reach far beyond the UK. With international offices in Belgium, Italy, the Republic of Ireland, and Sweden, we provide the same high quality on-site and remote support to clients in over 10 European countries.