The Key Benefits of Network Monitoring

Of all the services we offer at IT Support Desk, IT network monitoring is a crucial aspect of running any modern business. As your trusted partner, ITSD can expertly monitor your networks and drive numerous benefits that will help your organisation become more effective and efficient.

What is Network Monitoring?

Network monitoring is the process of collecting and analysing network data to identify and troubleshoot problems, optimise performance, and ensure security. Our network monitoring tools collect data from a variety of sources including network devices, applications, and servers. This data can be used to track metrics such as bandwidth utilization, packet loss, response times, and device health.

There are two distinct types of network monitoring:

  1. Active monitoring: This involves sending packets of data to network devices and collecting the data. We get a more detailed picture of your network behaviour, but it does add to the bandwidth.
  2. Passive monitoring: Using existing network data, this less intrusive method allows us to collect data, but this can be more limited.

What are the Benefits of Network Monitoring?

With ITSD monitoring your IT networks, your firm will see a number of commercial and performance benefits including:


One key advantage of network monitoring is being able to baseline network performance. Collecting data on metrics such as bandwidth, packet loss, and response times, our team can help your business optimise network usage. By benchmarking your network performance, we gain deeper insights into how we can further improve all the other benefits.

Improved Uptime

Using the same data on bandwidth, and packet loss, for instance, our network monitoring team can identify and focus on network reliability. By finding and resolving problems, we can help to mitigate outages which will recue downtime and increase network uptime.

Increased Performance

Our network monitoring experts can identify where your networks are either underutilised or overloaded. By monitoring, benchmarking, and correctly routing network traffic, your organisation can realise significant network performance gains.

Improved Security

Using industry standard network monitoring tools, our team can identify threats, detect anomalies, and log network events. This helps us to provide context and act accordingly, identifying root causes and mitigating security threats.

Reduced Costs

With reduced outages and downtime, optimal performance, and a proactive approach to network security, our service helps your organisation to reduce costs. With our expert team mitigating the risks and improving your network, you will see a natural reduction in operating costs.


Network data collection and monitoring helps your business to be compliant with numerous regulations such as data protection (GDPR), industry regulations (HIPAA and PCI DSS), and government regs like NIS, IPA and DPA.


These key benefits of network monitoring are the most tangible, but there are numerous other advantages to be gained such as overall improvement of IT infrastructure, optimisation of network usage, and protection of data from security threats.

As your trusted partner IT Support Desk offers many advantages of network management for firms in the UK, Europe, and Dubai.

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